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Hybrid Event Handbook: How to Plan, Manage & Host a Hybrid Event or Fundraiser

Take the headache out of hybrid event planning with tips, tools and real-world examples from nonprofits like yours.

73% of nonprofits are planning to hold a virtual or hybrid fundraising event in 2021. Does your organization have the tools and strategy to make the transition?

We've got you covered with all of the tips, tools and tactics you need to plan and execute a successful hybrid experience in our new handbook. Download now for insights to seamlessly transition to a hybrid event as we share:

  • Tips to drive authentic engagement for in-person & virtual audiences
  • How to structure, manage and deliver content to two unique audiences
  • Creative ideas to drive more ROI and value for your hybrid sponsors
  • Real-world hybrid event examples and key features to look for in hybrid solutions

And so much more. Get the handbook now for the roadmap you need to navigate the hybrid landscape and drive greater donations, engagement and retention from your next event.


Erin Chesterton